Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Peado Stuart Hall OBE, jailed

 BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall OBE, 83,  jailed for 15 months for sexually abusing girls. 

Rot in prison, don't drop the soap!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the police officers, detectives and lawyers  involved in Operation Yewtree have hearts of Gold, please do not listen to the pseudo - psychologists and the peadophile enablers, who start sprouting their 'Hug-a-Nonce' comments and try to convince you that 'night is day'.

Da Police are doing Good

Catch every last one of the peadophiles. Da public got cha back. 

Police Officers do not be put off, my the 'non-peadophile shaming' that is rampant our first duty as humans is to protect our children it, legal, moral and instinctual.

Queen Peadophile enabler: Barrister Barbara Hewson, what say you on Stuart Hall's Jailing,

Barbara Hewson on Stuart Hall sexual offences he admitted too  "low-level misdemeanours" and "nothing like serious crime"

Don't be scared by the paedophile haters shaming get this witch.

Everyone needs to to complain to the Bar Standards Council about barrister Barbara Hewson as it contravenes paragraph 301 a of  the Code of Conduct.  Her comments serve to not only prejudice the administration of justice, but bring the profession  into disrepute, lowering the confidence of the public in the judicial system.

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