Thursday, 24 October 2013

Desensitization to peadophila

The process of desensitizating society to peadophilia: A how-to-guide 
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The 'Barbara Hewsons', 'Robert Colovers' and NAMBLA supporters of the world are numerous.
' in some uncontacted places in the world adults have sex with children, so why can't the western world embrace peadophilia, smacks of sexual repression if you ask me, let me you do not have sex with dogs or your grandmothers or you unenlightened lot'

I’m quite the leftist and I cannot stand Ben Sarpiro he is homophobic and transphobic, I do not like the way he is trying to infer that homosexuality is the same as incest. No one is a bigot for recoiling from and hating incest how can you call it incestphobia  moral relativism at its finest.

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