Monday, 6 October 2014

R.I.P Anni Hindocha

                              R.I.P. Anni Hindocha
I truly hope that Anni Hindocha’s beautiful and dignified family get justice.
There is a great deal of evidence, some explosive, that is not yet in the public domain and that will come out at trial.
Dewani had to be forcibly extradited (due to feigning mental ill health for four years) and made to come to trial, why did not go South Africa and clear your name voluntarily.
Dewani persistently denied he ever met Leopold Leisser and persistently denied he was gay, It has since been proven to false Dewani has had sexual relations with men and DID meet gay male sex worker Leopold ‘German Master’ Leisser, Dewani is seemingly a ‘bloody LIAR’ and cannot and will not tell truth I go so further far as to say I believe him, to be a sociopath. I am not homophobic though most people believe me to be it doesn’t matter if someone is gay, bi-sexual or asexual, what matter here is that life a beautiful, innocent young lady Anni Hindocha was killed in a brutal evil manner.
It is not lost on me that Dewani hired publicist Max Clifford is now imprisoned.

I'm bisexual and use male prostitutes admits honeymoon murder accused: But he denies plot to have bride shot in taxi ambush 

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