Saturday, 11 May 2013

Paedophile Enabler:Barrister Barbara Hewson

Barrister; Barbara Hewson

NAMBLA UK Associates newest female member, (she is the 2nd female member of NAMBLA alongside Experimental Psychologist Susan Clancy)

 Boys of 13 fit for buggery.
Don't worry guys Barbara Hewson, has a evolutionary theory on why  buggery and rape of 13 year olds is beneficial to human society, the highest form of human bonding, the highest of human ideals.

Lower the age of consent to 13, Barrister Barbara Hewson says:


Don't be scared by the paedophile haters shaming get this witch.

Everyone needs to to complain to the Bar Standards Council about barrister Barbara Hewson as it contravenes paragraph 301 a of  the Code of Conduct.  Her comments serve to not only prejudice the administration of justice, but bring the profession  into disrepute, lowering the confidence of the public in the judicial system.

An Open Letter to Barbara Hewson from a survivor
It is significant to note that Susan Clancy is a member of the "International Committee of Social, Psychiatric, Psychological, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Neurological Scientists", a group that submitted an amicus brief in on behalf of Roman Catholic priest Paul M. Shanley in his appeal of his conviction of child sexual abuse. Shanley's sexual assault convictions were recently upheld on appeal.

Experimental psychologist Susan Clancy is part of the 'normalisation' of peadophila being pushed around psychological circles.

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