Monday, 6 May 2013

Paedophile Enablers

Paedophile Enablers

Coronation Street's Chief Nonce; Bill Roach AKA Ken Barlow

Bill Roach needs his genitals cut off , a metal pike shoved up his rectum, his head smashed with bricks and left in a zoo.

Paedophile Enablers 

When you dismiss the very real emotional hurt and social ramifications of paedophilia, you are actively agreeing with paedophilia and allowing the system to continue, shaming non- paedophilie people is actively supporting paedophilia. I don't give two hoots that the ancients greeks/romans engaged in peadophilia, about your UK NAMBLA associates card or the fact that your dumb ass believes the highest form of bonding between child and adult is NONCING.

Barrister: Barbara Hewson

Age of consent should be lowered to 13 in light of Stuart Hall prosecution, top barrister; Barbara Hewson says.

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