Sunday, 21 July 2013

Conditioning Society, Normalizing Paedophilia #TellSomebody


Stop Normalizing Paedophilia .

Increasingly there is a normalisation of paedophilia being pushed around in psychological circles from the likes of Nancy Friday and Experimental Psychologist Susan Clancy who wrote that monstrosity The Trauma Myth stating that sexual abuse trauma does not exist these paedophile apologists/ enablers are getting bold these days.

"Experts," with the infallible omniscience they imagine they possess,  will claim that peadophilia/ inter-generational sex, incest and  beastiality/zoophilia to normal and healthy

Paedophile lobbyists will contribute to the campaigns of politicians who will push the paedophile agenda that paedophiles are born that way. Then paedophiles will lobby to get laws enacted to protect their rights etc.

I’m quite the leftist and I cannot stand Ben Sarpiro he is homophobic and transphobic, I do not like the way he is trying to infer that homosexuality is the same as incest. No one is a bigot for recoiling from and hating incest how can you call it incestphobia  moral relativism at its finest

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