Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Remove Barrister Robert Colover SIGN THE PETITION

Remove Barrister Robert Colover from the Bar IMMEDIATELY.

Barrister Robert Colover

Remove any Judge, Police Officer and Barrister that make 'paedophile positive comments' paedophilia is not healthy for any society I do not care how many Freud books you read, what they did in Ancient Greece and what they still do in uncontacted primitive villages around the Globe for a modern healthy society paedophilia must not be condoned.

Barrister Robert Colover made the following statement in court about a 13 year girl who was sexually abused by a 41 year old man.

'The girl is predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced'

Sign the petition below :

Crown Prosecution Service @cpsuk: take action over “sexual predator” court comments

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    Nottingham, United Kingdom

  • Trigger warning: this petition text contains references to sexual assault that may be triggering to survivors.
    On Monday, a man walked free from Snaresbrook Crown Court despite pleading guilty to ‘sexual activity with a child’ after the prosecutor Robert Colover and judge Nigel Peters described the thirteen year-old victim as a “sexual predator”.
    I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I could have been that 13 year old girl who the judge and prosecutor descrbed as 'predatory'. Now, I work with other women who have survived similar experiences. I have seen first hand how this kind of victim blaming prevents women from coming forward and protects men who commit these crimes.
    It’s unacceptable that the Crown Prosecutor - the person who this young girl was relying on to help get her justice - used this kind of language in court. It’s a sad fact that this kind of attitude is commonplace within society and the legal establishment. We need to make a stand and send a clear message: It’s never the child’s fault.
    I’m calling on the Crown Prosecution Service to look at the language used by Robert Colover and meet urgently with our organisation and other groups working with victims of rape and sexual assault to ensure this never happens again.
    Please join me.

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