Sunday, 11 August 2013

Southwark Council; Out of Touch

Hall & Oates; Out of Touch,

always loved this song, the title reminds me of Southwark Council really, the Resident Involvement side, getting paid to do job then just do as little as possible and leave the large bulk to the unpaid volunteers.

Unpaid Community Volunteer: 'please it appears we have a racist bully on the commitee who has influenced the regular meeting attendees, to keep him in, and lets comments fly ' all the black people get council housing' some of us are afraid to approach him and feel unsafe, can you use your position as Resident Involvement Officer to do something'

Resident Involvement Officer: 'No, you have to have a  meeting with him'

Unpaid Community Volunteer: ' I don't think you understand,he is very intimidating.

Resident Involvement Officer: Yes I understand but it's something you gotta deal with.

Unpaid Community Volunteer: Yeah but your paid, what I am asking is within your remit to deal with, you could you your capacity as a Resident Involvement Officer to investigate.

Resident Involvement Officer: Oh okay, listen I will have have to have a  meeting with my manager.

Unpaid Community Volunteer: When will that be?

Resident Involvement Officer: well, I have to email her first it will take a few weeks.

Unpaid Community Volunteer:  So in the meantime what do I do about the racism and bullying.

Resident Involvement Officer:  well umm, I 'll get back to you

{meanwhile the racist bully, siphons of funds meant from the community,and bully people, resident involvement/southwark council fully aware }

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