Thursday, 20 November 2014

Jian Ghomeshi: CBC saw "graphic evidence" before firing

l                                             Jian Ghomeshi aka Andrew Luster

Jian Ghomeshi the truth is you are a
sexual sadist who abused women and, for a while, this strategically clever man outsmarted us all, well I tell you something, Jian Ghomeshi and his PR trolls will have to work overtime time
for this one, oh I forgot your PR firm dropped you.

Ghomeshi’s own words from his facebook rant;
‘Violence against women is my sexual preference, and a human right’

Er,,ok it’s quite apparent that Ghomeshi best friend is Max Hardcore

Lawyer Reva Seth and Actress Lucy
DeCoutere have come out and spoke about their treatment by Ghomeshi, how long
will it be until others come out.

The CBC knew about Jian Ghomeshi sexual abuse just like the BBC knew about Jimmy Savile.

Jian Ghomeshi

24th November 2014 Jian Ghomeshi leaves court.

Come on Jian Ghomeshi, your pushing 50, you are old enough to be a grandparent and the greatest thing you can do is engage in Max Hardcore style antics, Tell me Mr Ghomeshi was the world going to end if you did not molest women at your workplace, admit what you did, apologize to those women and face the punishment, it is really a disgrace to do something wrong and the face of strong evidence, still  deny it strikes of: Ego, lack of remorse and psychopathy.
‘Sorry’ seems to be the hardest word, huh Mr Ghomeshi

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