Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Judy Finnigan disgraceful views on convicted rapist

I grew up watching Judy Finnigan and she always struck me as an intelligent person, well now it appears Dementia has set in;

“I am not, please, by any means minimising any kind of rape - but the rape was not violent, he didn't cause any bodily harm to the person. It was unpleasant, in a hotel room I believe, and she had far too much to drink.
"That is reprehensible, but he has been convicted and he has served his time. When he comes out, what are we supposed to do, just actually to refuse to let him do his job even though he's already been punished?"

Judy Finnigan views on convicted rapist Ched Evans resuming his footballing career.

Judy Finnigan needs to be sacked from Loose Women she is a disgrace.

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