Saturday, 6 December 2014

Channel 4: The Peadophile Next Door

Eddie a self- confessed peadophile appears on Channel 4 documentary; The Peadophile Next Door where he speak openly about his sexual attraction to 4 year old children, I am sure Channel 4 has a documentary in the works about Zoophilia where people speak openly about their sexual attraction to animals.

I'm not a geneticist, nor do I have any expertise in biology but what I believe is that while genes may determine people's sexual ORIENTATION it does not determine their sexual BEHAVIOUR, in the light of modern knowledge people refuse to accept a painful truth; Peadophila and Beastility are not natural it is a choice to engage in such behaviour. What goes on in one's head is often completely divorced from how one behaves...and thank goodness for that. 
I guess Channel 4 going to make a documentary on Crocophilia, people speaking openly about their attractions to fecal matter, lets feel sorry for crocophilic’s  since their sexual attraction to fecal matter is inNATE and cannot be helped.
Alfred Kinsey and his fake research pulled one hell of a number on humanity.
‘Where is the group: Virtuous crocophilic’s’?

I’m quite the leftist and I cannot stand Ben Sarpiro he is homophobic and transphobic, I do not like the way he is trying to infer that homosexuality is the same as incest. No one is a bigot for recoiling from and hating incest how can you call it incestphobia  moral relativism at its finest.
You Peadophile enablers got your wish.

Salon and National Review Online run articles attempting to "humanize" a self professed pedophile. Pedophile accuses 'haters' of being "monsters" for opposing his condition.

Thoughts don't become reality.

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