Monday, 8 December 2014

Injustice:Shrien Dewani was cleared of the honeymoon murder

Shocking and disgraceful, My heart's broken for the Hindocha family

Judge Jeanette Traverso, key witnesses were not allowed by her and she was biased throughout the trial.....She didn’t even hear the accused side of the story and set him free
Judge Jeanette Traverso is a disgrace she's dismissed the case without hearing the accused’s version of events. If she says that the Tongo and Qwabe made contradictory statements than so did Shrien Dewani. Why are those two in prison for life and Shrien has walked away Scot Free without having to explain to the court what happened that night and undergo the same rigorous cross examination that Tongo, Mgeni and Qwabe went through in their trials. There was a chance that if Dewani took the stand, he would have crumbled under cross examination and given away the truth. This Judge has deprived Anni's family of the chance to hear from Shrien in his own words.
South Africa Judicial system is a disgrace why was Shrien Dewani not cross – examined, what were the judges reason for not allowing testimony of male prostitute Leopold Leisser.

Anni Hindocha gave Shrien Dewani her, mind, body and soul and she hoped to have been cherished and loved, rather she ended up being shot dead in the back of taxi.

It is vomit inducing, that cretin Shrien Dewani has gotten away with murder today is truly a sad day.

Anni Dewani (nee’ Hindocha) - A Father's story

Hindocha family will donate all royalties from the book to Anni's Memorial Fund.

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