Saturday, 16 November 2013

Barbara Hewson vs T.J. Parsell:Prison Rape

Barbara Hewson vs T.J. Parsell
Nothing would please me more than for Barrister Barbara Hewson to go to T.J. Parsell’s face and tell him “Maybe rape’s not so bad” I think we all know what will happen, why don’t Barbara Hewson attempt to tell victims of prison rape that “Maybe rape’s not so bad”.
Barbara Hewson vs T.J. Parsell you know you wanna see that!! Don’t pretend like you don’t.‘Ding, Ding’
Frank Warren , where you at? please make it happen.
Barbara Hewson a peadophile enabler and rape apologist, honorary UK female associate member of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Association).

T.J. Parsell, a decent human being, who unfornately (had the horrible experienced of being forcefully buggered by scumbags in prison as youth) former president of Stop Prisoner Rape and serves as a consultant to the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission.

Rape is a human rights issue, nobody deserves to be raped, rape robs the spirit and soul at the very heart of it is hate’.

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