Sunday, 3 November 2013

“Maybe rape’s not so bad” Barbara Hewson at it again.

U.K. lawyer Barbara Hewson attacks victims in a debate on sex assault

In a debate this week at the London School of Economics called “Is Rape Different?” Hewson criticized the “ideology of sexual victimization” and expressed doubts about the “long-term damaging effects.” She also argued against rape as a “morally absolutely unambiguous” with the victim “utterly innocent” and the “victimizer … utterly guilty.”

Everyone needs to to complain to the Bar Standards Council about barrister Barbara Hewson as it contravenes paragraph 301 a of the Code of Conduct. Her comments serve to not only prejudice the administration of justice, but bring the profession into disrepute, lowering the confidence of the public in the judicial system.

Not just a paedophile enabler it seems she a rape apologist to as well.

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