Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lowering the age of consent to 15

Professor John Ashton

Faculty of Public Health president said lowering age to 15 could 'draw a line in the sand' against sex at 14 or younger

Age Of Consent: No 10 Rejects Calls To Change
This is the beginning of people in authority attempting to legislate paedophilia. This is wrong on every level and it's obviously the plan from the paedophiles at the top of society who want to make paedophila the norm. The Barbara Hewson’s and Robert Colovers of the world AKA  the devotees of Freud committee,who are still convinced that babies have a subconscious desire to rape their parents
it's all part of the move to sexualize children earlier and earlier so that pervs can legally get away with lusting after under age girls, all the time justifying themselves by saying stuff like "Fifteen-year-olds aren't children." The expert who suggested this is also probably mentally ill. So very sick. The age of 16 was set to protect children from adults exploiting their mental and physical immaturity for gratification or prostitution.

‘Oh you sexually repressed lot, what’s wrong with you don’t know benefits of submitting yourself to every sexual desire, ya’ll need to read some Freud, Age of Consent PAH!!! Why can’t we behave like all the other species on earth,you don’t see other animals needing consent ages so why humans? Heck some animals even do incest’


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